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I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season. It's now 2016 and my staff and I are planning and working hard to make this upcoming season a great one. Winter has been very mild so far and we have taken advantage of this gift from Mother Nature. Along with our routine work on equipment and refurbishing the course accessories, we have been able to begin our spring projects earlier than expected. Drainage, stump grinding, tree trimming, tree planting and aerification began this month and should all be completed well ahead of schedule.

Significant improvement was made in several bunkers that have had drainage issues in the past. Contaminated sand and drainage gravel in these bunkers, a total of ten in all, were removed and replaced with new, clean material. We also installed a material that will prevent the internal drainage from plugging up in the future.


I was able to purchase the Smithco Super Star Bunker Rake, which is in my opinion the best piece of equipment made for maintaining bunkers. I believe everyone will notice a significant difference this year in the way the bunkers play on a daily basis along with an improvement in drainage. See you on the course!

- Mike Bogroff

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