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Tips from Russell Reid

Peter Piper Picked a Pack of Perfect Putters – Which one should I get?

In the mood for a new putter for the 2016 season? With all the different styles and brands, it’s very easy to understand why you may be confused. Maybe this month’s tip can shed some light on which putter will fit your style. There are basically two styles of putting: the arc putter and the pendulum putter.

The Arc Putter

If you are an arc putter you will tend to putt like you swing. The putter will swing on an arc and rotate around your body with your body being the rotational center. The putter face will stay square to the arc, but it will open and close much like your club face when you are making a full swing. If you putt with this style motion, you will tend to find that a toe-weighted putter will help with the rotation of the club face and get the ball started on the correct line.

The Pendulum Putter

If you are a pendulum putter you will tend to putt with a more straight-back and straight-through motion. The putter face will stay square to the path, but it will tend to swing de-lofted to lofted during the putting motion. A face-balanced putter will help you keep your putter face on line, thereby sending your ball down the correct line.

Whatever style you putt with or prefer, there is a putter that will work for you. Come by the pro shop to see the large selection of putters available; I promise you'll find one that will work with your putting style, and help you sink more putts.

Good luck, Russell