The Pines Country Club

Tips from Russell Reid

Putting 2 Will Help You With 1

This month’s tip is to help get you “Squared” away with your putter face to improve keeping the ball on line. How many times have you asked someone else or been asked, did I pull that or push that, or did I just mis-read it?

Sometimes missed putts are difficult to diagnose due to the fact that the ball never gets airborne and the ball going left or right could be a bad club face or a bad stroke.

Try this drill, and you will know right away if your putter face is bad or if you need to work more on your stroke. Put two balls on the ground side by side and line your putter up behind them. Make your normal stroke on a flat part of the green and see if both balls roll away at the same time and go the same distance. If one of the balls rolls away first and goes farther, you will know that you are turning your putter face either to the left or right before impact and cause the ball to miss left or right.

Good luck and keep it square.