The Pines Country Club

Tips from Russell Reid

Visit the putting green more often

After watching Tiger Woods make yet another improbable come from behind win at Arnold Palmer’s Invitational tournament this year, you're probably saying 'how can I be Tiger Woods?' YOU CAN’T! He is truly amazing at this game that we all struggle with, and this year’s Master’s might just be one of the best ever! The key to Tiger’s victory was his expert short game. When he came back from his 8 month layoff, his ball striking was still good, but it has taken him 4 weeks of competitive play and practice to sharpen up those chip shots, pitching, bunker play, and his putting.

If you watched his play, there is no doubt that this is how he won the tournament. I believe he was something like 53 for 53 on putts inside 6 feet. 53 for 53...are you kidding me! UNBELIEVABLE! So this month’s tip is good for the entire year. The next time you are frustrated with the range being either full or closed – remember the putting green is open from daylight to dark! I know we would all love to hit 14 fairways, or 18 greens in a round, but how about going perfect from 6 feet and in! See you on the practice green!